Within the contemporary world, especially in recent decades, an incredible product type-approval trend has developed and completed the industrial alienation, also involving artists and artisans that had managed to escape from this trend until that time. Certainly, the reasons behind this process are to be found in: request extension, increased distribution of wealth, and the consequent extreme industrialization born to react against this situation.
Although, socially, it cannot be denied the benefits offered by this widespread economic wellbeing and by the creation of a globalised economy, the implications of this trend didn’t miss causing significant impact both culturally and micro-economically.
Culturally, the industrialization development caused deep changes in the aesthetic social attitudes, contributing to an extreme aesthetic taste type-approval. The mass-produced creation has led to a “mass-aesthetic” development, leading the market to adapt to the offer’s characteristics instead of changing the lattest according to the customer’s needs. The costumer, used to feeding (metaphorically and not) on products offered to him, loses the real quality of goods and completely adapts himself to the main trading situation until he gets to share the only basis of distinction between products: the price.
In fact, in terms of new economy the idea of materials and manufacture real quality is often left behind compared to new distinctive elements, like brands, provenance, symbols and price until to make the choice between a product and another influenced, almost all, by the economic sphere.
What characterises the StandArtUnico project is right the idea of turning this process, by returning to the product the real quality dimension and to the customer his dignity as a person both complete and full of an aesthetic sense that deserves to be expressed and get satisfied.
The effects of globalisation and over industrialization didn’t miss being heard also in the economic field. The increasing intrusiveness of multinational companies, the all-inclusive attitudes of their productions and their possibility to produce low-cost huge amounts, had led to a marginalization of the craft industry, getting into trouble retailers and small entrepreneurs.
The disparity of resources joined by these two realities necessarily leads the shopkeepers in a dependent position, forcing them to limp in order to deal with a ruthless and competitive marketplace, by staying in a worse position.
However, it would be silly to consider an artisanal product in the same way as an industrial product. What makes an artisanal product different is the human touch, the materials’ careful selection based on the possibility of maximizing the result and not the profit. The aesthetic research made by artisans is what gives to the not-industrial product its particular uniqueness, allowing it to be placed on the market for more money.
How it can be deduced also just from the etymology of the term “artisan”, the artisanal production is different from everything else thanks to its own artistic element.
Like a well-known painter, a famous architect, a claimed sculptor or an important designer, although more quietly, the artisan imprints on his products the uniqueness of his touch, make them in their own right an artwork full of charm and aesthetic dignity. Thanks to the artisanal work, the cultural deflection introduced by industrialisation blows over, leaving a militant niche market dedicated to not-approved and not-approving products.
And it’s right in this niche that StandArtUnico wants to break into.
Starting with the awareness of the importance of the role of artisanal work, StandArtUnico wants to extend its typical approach to any kind of product and service.
The StandArtUnico project aims to transform every service or product from standard to unique by using art.
Trusting in the deep aesthetic sense of the human being, in the artists and artisans’ creative potential and in the revolutionary possibilities of art, this initiative seeks to complement the artistic aspects with daily life, by subverting the standardization brought by the new economy and reintroducing the idea of a value not directly connected to the price.
The idea brought by StandArtUnico comes as an original option to the monotony of market and also an interesting possibility for small retailers to move the competition on a different level. If an artisanal production can’t never equal the performances of the industrial one in terms of amounts generated and costs involved, it will certainly overcome them in the area of artistic and quality possibilities. Leaving out the general market, with StandArtUnico the product claims its own artistic dignity, turning to a specific and valued consumption able to prefer the product uniqueness to the detriment of price. If an industrial product, conforming to the symbols and characteristics we are used to identify in most products we come into contact with, can never overcome a certain price value, thanks to StandArtUnico initiative, the value of the product can even triple, through the introduction of an artistic contribution.
What StandArtUnico is trying to do is a real economic and artistic revolution aimed to replace the traditional brand by using art.
The marketing basics stoking this project is that of cross selling, that is the mutual and collateral contribution from various professionals aimed to achieve a product both qualitatively enviable and artistically unique.
Through the printing of copy-wright works, the plastic contribution by architects and designers, the experience of artisans and manufactures, this project wants to reintroduce the aesthetic dimension between the selection criteria of a product using it to increase its value.
This new attention to the beauty will raise the users to a sensibility forgotten in the department stores’ stacks, connecting the customer’s humanity with the creativity of the artist that took part in the product creation.
In this context, StandArtUnico can be seen as a project useful to the community, in which the participants possibilities and skills are smartly brought together in order to ensure the maximum yield for everyone. Thanks to the synergy between the different knowledges of the experts that have decided and will decide to help the project, StandArtUnico can offer various benefits to all people involved with this initiative.
From the artwork creation to the product distribution, everyone can enjoy the potential of this initiative.
First of all, the artist, that will have the opportunity to express his own creativity and to be recognized the value of his work, will receive a benefit. The distribution of his creation through different objects will allow him to get visibility and assert himself in the contemporary artistic scenery in addition to bringing him profit and making him part in the artistic education indirectly promoted by the project. Immediately after, the printer will obtain a benefit.
By imprinting the artwork on the products, he will get a role inside a project from which he would otherwise remained excluded, by going to an exclusive niche market that would probably remained excluded to him. The artisan, like the artist, can get into a larger share of the market that had been stolen from him by the contemporary industry, reaffirming its presence in the economic and commercial framework through the quality of the products that take, in this way, an additional artistic value. Also the seller who decides to host in his business the result of this synergistic production process, will get a profit because, thanks to the manual, creative and intellectual contribution by the different personalities that had contributed to its realization, the product get a very much greater price compared with that of the industrial production. If this rules out a larger share of market from the distribution of these manufactures products, at the same time it opens the door

to an elitist and researched consumption, that put the seller in a situation where he can change his own customers by extending his offer and including the portion of customers whose needs weren’t satisfied by the typical mass-production.
Lastly, but not less efficiently, the customer gets a benefit.
The one who will decide to buy products created in the StandArtUnico project will buy a real artwork and not only a decoration or a piece of clothing. The user will be able to enjoy a new commercial and artistic dimension, by integrating his own practical needs with his natural aesthetic sense, without being forced to bend to the type-approving compromise of the industrial production which he used to come into contact with.
This countless range of benefits, able to include all the roles involved, is what makes StandArtUnico an innovative and revolutionary project, the only one of its kind.


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